Your life story, as told by you – professionally recorded in high definition video, with accompanying hardback book.

Many of us think about writing down our life history. But too often we put the task aside ‘for another day’. Eventually we miss the chance to create a legacy of memories for our future generations to enjoy, treasure, and learn from.

About Me For You is an autobiography service. We provide an easy way for you to record your life story as both a DVD and book.

We film you in the comfort of your home as you recount your life, and the notable events and important moments you’ve experienced. Afterwards, we edit the footage and prepare a broadcast-quality video. We also take the transcript of your words, adapting it as text for a luxury hardback book, complete with photographs and a family tree.

Together they form a precious family history, a unique record not just of your life, but of your parents’ and often grandparents’ lives too. An anthology of stories from three generations that may otherwise remain untold or forgotten. An About Me For You life story package is a perfect gift for a special birthday or anniversary, or to celebrate a retirement.

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